Medicinal mushrooms

The use of medicinal mushrooms is increasing. Not surprising, because mushrooms have been a real superfood for 5000 years: very rich in many substances that are essential for vitality. Your immune system in particular can get a big boost. At Dutch Vitals you will find a wide range of mushroom supplements from the Pure Mushrooms brand: supplements of absolute #1 quality, organic and free of animal components or allergens such as gluten or soy. Order immediately before 17:00 PM and have your supplements shipped today!


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Shows all 6 results

Why use medicinal mushrooms?

You can easily take medicinal mushroom preparations in the form of tea. Through the power of hot water extraction, all valuable substances are released and optimally absorbed into the body. Mushrooms are rich in a large number of polysaccharides, glucans, minerals, trace elements and almost all B vitamins. And because each capsule is enriched with 20 mg of acerola, a superfood rich in vitamin C, the absorption and effectiveness of the mushrooms is further enhanced.

In addition to a positive effect on the immune system, there are strong indications that mushrooms make an important contribution to:

  • Memory functions and brain health
  • Your blood sugar level
  • Increasing your libido
  • Increasing your energy level
  • Your hormonal balance
  • Heart and vessels
  • Regulating metabolism

Powerful mushroom supplements from Pure Mushrooms

With Pure Mushrooms you are guaranteed superior quality mushrooms. The secret of this brand is not only in the mushrooms, but also in the organic cultivation and production. The organic mushrooms that serve as an ingredient are taken directly from the ancient forests in China. Here they are grown on special mushroom farms according to ancient Chinese tradition. Because Pure Mushrooms only uses the fruiting body, each supplement contains an exceptionally high concentration of all valuable nutrients, and it shows.

Different types of mushrooms: Lion's Mane, Chaga, Reishi and Cordyceps

We offer both pure mushroom preparations and mixed preparations. This contains mushroom species that have been known for more than 5000 years for their health benefits:

  • Chaga: Grows on birch trees in cold climates, known for immunity boosting and antioxidants, high in fiber and low in calories.
  • Reishi: Popular mushroom to support the immune system and blood circulation, rich in polysaccharides and triterpenes, with adaptogenic properties.
  • Lion's Mane: Eastern medicine has used this mushroom for centuries for stress relief and developing the senses.
  • Cordyceps sinensis: Also known as “caterpillar killer,” it improves cellular energy production, oxygen utilization and circulation, with strengthening effects on the body and mind.

Buy your vitamins and minerals directly online from Dutch Vitals

Dutch Vitals is the online address for anyone looking for products to support health. In addition to medicinal mushrooms, you can also find them in our webshop CBD oil, CBG crystals and a wide range of unique skin products. With everything you order from us, you benefit from all our benefits. Consider free shipping from €25 (NL) or €50 (EU) and discreet packaging. And do you order before 17:00 PM? Then your order will be posted today.