CBD patches

CBD patches are an extremely effective way to use CBD. This is because the CBD is absorbed very gradually and transdermally (literally: through the skin). This is up to four times more effective than oral intake. You can easily order the very best quality CBD patches from A-brand Dutch Hemp via this page. And do you order for more than €25 (NL) and €50 (EU)? Then the delivery is free!


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What are CBD patches?

Just like regular patches, you stick CBD patches on the skin. They are not made to treat wounds, but to release CBD very gradually. You can compare them to nicotine patches, but instead of nicotine they release CBD. CBD is short for cannabidiol, an active substance from hemp (not to be confused with THC, which can get you 'high'). Many people use cannabidiol patches to experience less anxiety and stress, and to fall asleep better. It is also used to relieve local pain.

Very gradual release of cannabidiol and optimal absorption

Where previously almost everyone CBD oil of edibles used, plasters are really on the rise these days. There are several good reasons for this. One of the most important is the gradual and very effective absorption. After you have applied the patch, it releases CBD for 24 hours, which then enters your bloodstream directly through the skin. Not only do you have a constant dose throughout the day in this way, the percentage of CBD that is actually absorbed is also the highest in this way. The absorption is up to four times as effective as with oral intake.

Patches with CBD are very practical

Another reason why many people choose patches with CBD is practicality. Taking and correctly dosing CBD oil is quite a hassle for many, which is also sometimes forgotten. In addition, many people are not a fan of the taste. With a plaster you don't have this hassle, because you only have to stick them on your skin once a day. The only thing you have to take into account is that you do not stick the patch on oily or excessively hairy skin. This is because the CBD is then absorbed less well. Our preference is for the inside of the upper arm, but the chest, shoulder or side are also suitable places.

You can order number 1 quality CBD patches online at Dutch Vitals

Dutch Vitals is the webshop for CBD supplements of the highest quality. We only work with A brands that produce according to the highest standards in the field of safety, quality and sustainable production. As a result, you are not only sure of a safe and optimally functioning supplement, but also of a completely legal product. Throughout the EU! Order your CBD patches on working days before 17:00 PM to have them shipped the same day. And do you order for more than €25 (NL) or €50 (EU)? Then the delivery is completely free.