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Do you use CBD yourself and do you also want your pet to benefit from the benefits that CBD offers? This is possible with our CBD oil for dogs. This oil has been specially developed for dogs: with a special dosage and a delicious oil that will undoubtedly appeal to your four-legged friend. You can buy number one quality CBD oil for dogs online at Dutch Vitals. Order before 17:00 PM to have your products shipped today!


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Shows all 4 results

What is CBD oil for dogs?

CBD oil for dogs is similar in many ways CBD oil for humans. The active ingredient in the oil for dogs is also cannabidiol, or CBD for short. Cannabidiol, like THC, is an active component of hemp and is therefore extracted from hemp. The difference with THC is that CBD has no psychoactive properties; so you or your dog will not get high from it. Many owners and their dogs use CBD because they notice that it calms them down or experiences less pain. The biggest difference between dog CBD oil and human oil is the percentage of CBD and the taste. Because the oil is based on salmon oil instead of vegetable oil, many dogs find it very tasty. And the percentage of CBD has been reduced somewhat, so that you can also easily give small dogs the correct dosage.

Number one quality CBD for dogs

At Dutch Vitals, quality is always number one. Also when it comes to CBD for animals. That is why we have chosen to also offer the A-brand Dutch Hemp in the oil for dogs. This brand has a very good reputation when it comes to safety, reliability, quality and sustainable production methods. For example, the oil is not only tested and checked internally, but it is also analyzed and certified by an external and independent laboratory. Because dogs are very sensitive, it is important, for example, that there is no THC in the oil at all. That is why CBD isolate is used as a base instead of full spectrum CBD in dogs. The report shows that this production method actually produces THC-free oil: 0,000 percent THC.

Giving CBD oil to your dog

Administering CBD to dogs can be done in two ways. The first is dripping into your dog's mouth. A second, more practical way is to mix it with food or a snack. To do this, drip the oil over the dog food. The ideal dose for each individual dog depends on a large number of factors, such as weight, fat percentage, complaints and age. We recommend administering three times a day and as a rule of thumb you can give one drop of 2% CBD oil per 5 kg of body weight per administration moment. With the 4% CBD oil, that is one drop per 10 kg. For example, do you have a dog weighing 30 kg? Then take the 4% oil and give three drops at a time. Depending on how your dog reacts, you can then increase or decrease the dose.

CBD oil for dogs can be ordered cheaply online at Dutch Vitals

You can order number one quality CBD oil for dogs online at an affordable price through our webshop. Dutch Vitals is the webshop of Europe when it comes to high-quality CBD supplements. In addition to CBD for dogs, you will also find with us, for example CBD crystals, band aids en skincare. And do you order for more than €25 (NL) or €50 (EU)? Then your order will be delivered to your home completely free of charge!