CBD capsules

Do you want all the benefits of CBD, but are you not a fan of liquid CBD oil? Then CBD capsules are ideal. Our capsules with CBD oil have the same effect as the liquid form and are completely tasteless and odorless. You can buy number one quality CBD capsules cheaply at Dutch Vitals. Ordered on working days before 17:00, shipped the same day!


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Shows all 3 results

CBD capsules of number one quality

At Dutch Vitals we have deliberately chosen to only offer CBD capsules of the highest quality. In this way you are guaranteed a high-quality nutritional supplement that you can rely on. We therefore only work with A brands that produce purely organically according to the highest standards. The stomach acid-resistant CBD tablets are also checked by independent third parties and amply meet all requirements set by law. Number one quality, and nothing less!

CBD pills with different doses

The active substance in CBD capsules is CBD. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound extracted from hemp (not to be confused with THC, a substance that can get you 'high'). It is known for its ability to act on the so-called endocannabinoid receptors and is experienced by many people as relaxing. The amount of CBD per capsule differs per product. Are you starting to take CBD supplements? Then we recommend choosing the lightest dose.

Capsules with CBD do not have a bad taste

As mentioned, a major advantage of CBD in capsule form is the taste. Or rather: the lack of a taste. The capsules are completely tasteless and odorless, unlike the liquid form, the taste of which is often experienced as less pleasant. Just like other pills, you simply take them with a few sips of water. Because the shell of the capsules is resistant to stomach acid, the cannabidiol is only absorbed in the intestines. So keep in mind that this means that the CBD needs longer to become effective than if you take it liquid under the tongue.

CBD oil capsules are very practical

A second reason why many people choose capsules over liquid oil is practicality. Especially when you are new to CBD, it is nice to know exactly how much of it you are taking at a time. Capsules always contain the same amount of CBD, making it very easy to dose. In addition, taking a pill is often considered more practical than taking it under the tongue, and taking a jar of capsules with you is more convenient than a bottle that can leak.

You can buy CBD capsules cheaply online at Dutch Vitals

You can buy number one quality CBD capsules online at Dutch Vitals. We are the webshop for high-quality supplements that stimulate a healthy lifestyle. In addition to CBD in capsule form, you will also find with us, for example CBD patches en skincare. With everything you order from us, you benefit from all our benefits, such as free shipping from €25 (NL) / €50 (EU) and discreet packaging. And do you order on working days before 17:00 PM? Then your supplements will be shipped the same day!