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CBD oil for cats is CBD oil that has been specially developed for cats. The oil contains a reduced percentage of CBD, no THC and has a delicious salmon flavour. Giving CBD drops to your cat is easy by dripping them over the food. Order the best quality CBD for cats here. Ordered on working days before 17:00 is shipped the same day!


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What is CBD for cats?

Just as CBD can do a lot of good for people, cats can also benefit a lot from administering CBD drops. Many owners give it to their pet, because they notice that it makes their cat calmer and that pain symptoms in certain conditions are reduced. It is also often said that it promotes the overall vitality of a cat and that cats become younger and more playful in their behavior. The active ingredient in CBD drops for cats is cannabidiol, or CBD for short. Unlike most CBD products for humans, CBD for cats is made from pure isolate rather than full spectrum CBD. It therefore contains 0,000% THC, so that even the most sensitive cat will not get a high. During production, the CBD is mixed with salmon oil, which will undoubtedly appeal to your pet.

Number one quality CBD for your cat

At Dutch Vitals we stand for the quality of our supplements. Whether it's about CBD for humans, dogs, cats or other animals: quality is always number one. That is why we only work with suppliers who meet the highest standards in terms of safety, transparency, sustainability and organic production methods. Products are extensively tested and analyzed and certified by external laboratories before they reach the market. This way you are sure of a product that you can rely on.

Administering CBD drops to cats

You can simply inject the CBD oil through your cat's mouth. This can be done by dripping the oil directly into your cat's mouth, but many cats do not like this. It is therefore more practical to drip it on cat food, and it will probably also save you a fixed fight with your four-legged friend. We recommend starting with the 2% CBD oil and giving your cat one drop of CBD oil three times a day. Does your cat respond well to this, but do these complaints persist? Then you can give two drops at a time, or switch to the 4% CBD oil (and then put one drop at a time in the feed). We probably don't have to explain to you that every cat is different and reacts differently to things. The same applies to CBD: you will have to find out for yourself what the ideal dose is by trial and error.

CBD oil for cats can be ordered cheaply online at Dutch Vitals

You can buy the highest quality CBD oil for cats online at an affordable price in our webshop. We are the online address for number one quality CBD. In addition to CBD drops for cats, you will find a wide range of high-quality CBD supplements, such as capsule beds and very tasty edibles. Order on working days before 17:00 PM to have your order shipped the same day. And do you order for more than €25 from the Netherlands or €50 from the rest of the EU? Then we pay the shipping!