CBD water soluble

Water-soluble CBD is CBD that – yes – dissolves in water. The advantage of this is not only that you can dissolve the CBD in water and other drinks. Various studies have shown that this form of CBD is also better absorbed by the body. You can buy top quality CBD water soluble online at Dutch Vitals. Order directly and benefit from free delivery!


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Shows all 2 results

Number one quality water soluble CBD

At Dutch Vitals we think it is important that our customers can blindly trust our products. That is why we only sell premium brands, such as Dutch Hemp. Dutch Hemp meets the highest standards in the field of safety, quality and sustainable production. For example, only organically grown hemp is used in production and all products are extensively tested before they are put on the market. In addition, they are certified by an external party. Like CBD oil and for example edibles, contains water soluble CBD full spectrum cannabidiol (full spectrum CBD). Using advanced techniques, the CBD is refined with an extra step and then mixed with an emulsifier, so that it can dissolve in water.

The benefit of water-soluble CBD

CBD in water-soluble form has two major advantages. Firstly, it is easy to dissolve in water, coffee, tea, juices, smoothies and other drinks. As a result, you can take it very easily and you do not have the bitter aftertaste that CBD oil gives under the tongue, for example. A second advantage is that the cannabidiol in this form is better absorbed by your body. So you need to take less mg of CBD to get the same effect as with CBD in oil form. This is because the human body can only absorb oil to a limited extent, unlike products that are soluble. By making the CBD water soluble, it is not only absorbed more quickly by the mucous membranes in the mouth, but it also remains better intact in the digestive system, resulting in a more effective absorption.

Using water soluble CBD

Our water-soluble CBD comes in a practical pipette bottle. This makes dosing very easy: simply drop the CBD in a glass with your favorite drink and you will see that it dissolves immediately. Then you drink the glass and you're done! Please note that one drop contains approximately 2 mg of full spectrum CBD. Most people take a glass of 10 mg CBD (5 drops) two to three times a day to get the desired effect. Are you starting to take CBD supplements? Then we recommend starting with a few drops a day and listening carefully to your body. You can then increase this as desired in a few weeks to two until the desired effect is achieved.

You can buy CBD water-soluble online at a good price at Dutch Vitals

You can buy number one quality CBD water-soluble at an affordable price through our webshop. Dutch Vitals is the online address for premium quality CBD products, at the best prices. In addition to water-soluble CBD, you can also buy pure CBD from us, for example CBD crystals en CBD cream. All our products meet the highest standards and are fully legal throughout the European Union. Order now to benefit from free delivery from €25 (NL). Do you order before 17:00 today? Then your products will be packed immediately and shipped today.