CBD edibles

CBD edibles, or foods in which CBD has been processed, combine the positive effects of CBD with the fine flavors of a treat. So best of both worlds! At Dutch Vitals you will find the most delicious edibles of the highest quality, such as gummies, honey sticks and hemp seed oil. Order today to have your edibles with CBD oil delivered tomorrow!


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Shows all 6 results

Number one quality CBD edibles

At Dutch Vitals you are guaranteed number one quality CBD edibles. We only sell products from brands that meet the highest standards in terms of food safety, CBD quality (full spectrum) and taste. They are also produced in a sustainable and organic way. All products are also extensively tested and checked by independent, external experts before they are put on the market. In this way we guarantee you the best quality available.

Candies and foods with CBD oil taste great

CBD edibles are sweets and other foods that contain cannabidiol, or CBD for short. CBD is extracted from hemp and according to many people it has a relaxing effect. It is not psychoactive, so it will not get you "high". CBD is usually taken as drops of oil under the tongue. This ensures a quick effect, but some people do not like the taste. Not a fan of the taste of CBD either? Then sweets and foods with CBD are a good alternative. Instead of the bitter taste, you enjoy the richness of the flavors of the food. Our customers love them! You will also notice that the effect of CBD edibles starts a bit later than with CBD oil. That's because the CBD from edibles is only absorbed in the digestive system, and not directly in the mouth. 

CBD gummies

A very popular edible are the CBD gummies. These are super tasty, sweet candies with classic fruit flavors such as raspberry and strawberry. The gummies contain a nice dose of full spectrum CBD, comparable to that of CBD capsules. You take them like any other sweet: chew, enjoy and then swallow!

CBD hemp seed oil

Another popular edible with CBD is CBD hemp seed oil. You can use the oil just like olive oil or sunflower oil. Mix it with salads or dip your baguette in it. In addition, the hemp seed oil is suitable for dermal use, so you can also spray it on the skin. A major advantage of hemp seed oil with CBD is that it not only contains CBD, but is also packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, among other things. So very healthy!

CBD honey

Like hemp seed oil, CBD honey not only offers the benefits of CBD, but is also a source of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. And just like home-garden-and-kitchen honey, you can combine our honey with CBD wonderfully with drinks and dishes. For example, add it to your tea, perfect salads with goat cheese or spread it on a slice of bread!

You can buy CBD edibles cheaply online at Dutch Vitals

You can order the very best quality CBD edibles online in our webshop. Dutch Vitals is the online address for number one quality supplements. We offer everything for a healthy and future-proof lifestyle. In addition to edibles and CBD oil, you will also find a wide range of skincare. And do you order for more than €25 (from the Netherlands) and on working days before 17:00 PM? Then your order will be shipped the same day for free.