CBD crystals

Are you looking for pure CBD? Then CBD crystals are the best option for you. CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD and contain no THC at all. You can buy number one quality CBD isolate crystals here, at Dutch Vitals. Our crystals are no less than 99,6 percent pure! Discover our range here and order before 17:00 PM to have your CBD shipped today!


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Number one quality pure CBD in crystal form

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is particularly popular in the form of oil: CBD oil. This so-called 'full spectrum' CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, whereby a very low dose of THC (the substance from hemp that makes one 'high') remains in the product. This is always less than 0,05%, so that it complies with European legislation and you will not feel it. However, some people are not allowed to have THC in their blood at all due to their profession or foreign travel obligations. Some may also be hypersensitive to THC. Pure CBD in crystal form offers a perfect solution in both cases, because all other organic molecules, including THC, have been filtered out. As a result, only the pure CBD remains. The CBD crystals that you can buy from us are even 99,6 percent pure and have been extensively tested by independent experts. Number one quality!

Dosing CBD crystals

Because CBD crystals consist of pure CBD, it is in principle very easy to dose. After all, every milligram of crystal is a milligram of CBD. Unlike for example capsule beds of edibles, you must measure the amount of CBD yourself. It is recommended that you start with a dose of less than 10 mg, especially if it is your first time. So keep in mind that you use a kitchen scale that measures accurately to the mg (or: 0,001 g). Do you have more experience with CBD and do you know how your body reacts? Then of course you can determine your daily dose as desired, up to about 150 mg per day.

Taking CBD crystals

Our pure CBD powder is tasteless and odorless. You can use it in different ways. The easiest way is under the tongue. Place the measured amount of CBD under your tongue and let it dissolve in about one to one and a half minutes. In this way, it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream via the mucous membranes. Another popular way to use crystals is to dissolve them in potions. CBD dissolves quickly in, for example, coffee, tea, juice or plain water. Finally, many people process the crystals in (the oil for) cooking and baking products. With this last method, keep in mind that you do not heat the CBD above 170 °C, because then it will evaporate. 

You can buy CBD crystals cheaply online at Dutch Vitals

You can buy the very best quality CBD crystals online at Dutch Vitals. Dutch Vitals is the webshop for number one quality CBD supplements. Whether it concerns pure CBD, capsules, patches, skin care or another product: you are guaranteed a high-quality and legal product that has been extensively (externally) tested and meets the highest standards. In addition, you always benefit from free shipping from € 25 (NL). And do you order on working days before 17:00 PM? Then your order will be packed and shipped the same day!