CBG crystals

Pure CBG crystals of number one quality. Apply a small amount of CBG under the tongue or mix the CBG with oil to create your own CBG oil. Thanks to the optimal purity and high bioavailability of the CBG, it is quickly absorbed and you benefit almost immediately from all the benefits that this cannabinoid entails. Order before 17:00 PM to have your CBG isolate shipped today.


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Shows all 3 results

What are CBG Crystals?

CBG is the abbreviation for cannabigerol. This is like among others cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) a natural component of the cannabis plant. It is therefore also called a cannabinoid. CBG in crystal form, also known as CBG isolate, is the purest form of CBG (>99% pure). This means that they do not contain any active ingredient in addition to CBG. This is in contrast to CBG oil, which also contains other cannabinoids. 

Like CBD, CBG is not psychoactive. What is special about CBG is that it fulfills a stem cell function in the cannabis plant. CBG is a precursor of THC and CBD: during its life, the plant converts CBG into THC and CBD. Special cannabis strains, such as White CBG, naturally convert CBG more slowly. That is why these special varieties are used for the production of CBG. The CBG is extracted from this through cold CO2 extraction, after which a filtration process ensures that only the pure extract remains.

Benefits cannabigerol isolate

  • CBG is 100% safe and legal to use.
  • Isolate only contains pure CBG, so no THC and terpenes. 
  • Thanks to the high concentration you only need a small amount, which makes it economical to use.
  • The effect of CBG is similar to that of CBD, but there are indications that it is even better for the digestive system and the brain. 

Take and use pure CBG

The pure cannabigerol crystals are completely odorless and tasteless, which makes taking them pleasant. The easiest way to take it is under your tongue. In this way, the CBG is quickly absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth. To do this, place a measured amount of crystals under the tongue and leave it there for about a minute. Another popular way to use CBG isolate is to mix it with a liquid. For example, you can dissolve it in warm water to make tea or add it to a smoothie. Many of our customers also use CBG isolate to make CBG oil themselves. This works just like it make your own from CBD oil based on CBD crystals.

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