CBD paste

Cannabidiol paste, or CBD paste for short, has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. It is a powerful paste packed with full spectrum CBD of the very best quality. With the handy syringe packaging you can easily dose it. Knowing more? Read more at the bottom of this page or order directly to have your CBD paste delivered to your home for free. Ordered on working days before 17:00 = shipped the same day!


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What is CBD Paste?

CBD paste is the result of cold CO2 extraction of the hemp plant. The paste therefore contains a high concentration of CBD, up to 50 percent. In addition, the paste contains the entire spectrum of cannabinoids and active substances from the plant, such as CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDA, terpenes, phenols, pigments and a very small amount of THC. Because the amount of THC is lower than 0,05 percent, you will not feel anything and the paste is completely legal. You do benefit from the entourage effect: cannabinoids together reinforce each other's effect. CBD paste is often used to treat it CBD oil to make of. But more and more people are discovering the benefits of taking the raw CBD paste, which is why you can now also buy it as a paste from us!

Number one quality CBD paste

The CBD paste from Dutch Vitals is of the very best quality. We only work with premium brands that meet the highest quality, sustainability and food safety requirements. The hemp from which the paste is extracted is sustainably and organically grown. After extraction, each batch undergoes various quality inspections, which are also checked by independent experts. Absolute number 1 quality!

CBD paste or oil?

CBD paste and (full spectrum) CBD oil contain the same active ingredients, and therefore have the same effects. People often indicate that it makes them calmer and less stressed. The difference is therefore not in the effect, but in the concentration and taste. CBD paste is very concentrated, because no hemp seed oil or any other oil has been added. It also does not have the taste of oil, but a pure, organic taste. Some people like one flavor better than the other. We recommend that you try both, so that you can discover for yourself which you like better. 

You can take both oil and paste by letting it dissolve under the tongue for a minute. Measuring is a bit easier with oil, because you can simply drip it. The paste should be measured (keep the size of a grain of rice per dose or use a scale).

A plus of CBD paste is also the price. Raw paste typically offers more mg of CBD for your money than oil or other CBD supplements.

You can order number 1 quality CBD paste online at Dutch Vitals

You can order high-quality full spectrum CBD paste safely and cheaply via Dutch Vitals. Our products meet the highest requirements in terms of food safety, quality and sustainability. This does not only apply to our cannabidiol paste, but to us entire range. You also benefit from all our advantages with everything you order. Think of free shipping from € 25 (NL) and € 50 (EU), discreet packaging and direct shipment of your order if you order before 17:00.