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Make your own CBD oil

More and more people are discovering the positive effects of taking CBD oil on their health. You can buy CBD oil, but did you know that you can also make it at home based on CBD isolate or CBD paste? Would you like to know more or do you also want to make CBD oil yourself? In this article we explain how to make CBD oil at home, what to keep in mind and what the benefits are of creating your own CBD oil.

Table of contents

Why make your own CBD oil?

  • You can determine the percentage of CBD in the oil very precisely. 
  • Making it yourself is cheaper than buying ready-made oil. 
  • You determine the taste of the oil yourself and can, for example, choose your favorite carrier oil.
  • Making your own CBD oil is a stepping stone to making your own CBD products and easurable. 
  • By adding extra herbs or other ingredients, you create your own unique nutritional supplement.

Making CBD oil at home with isolate or CBD paste

The basis of every CBD oil is formed by cannabidiol, CBD for short. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis. Not to be confused with THC, which is psychoactive and can give a 'high'. By dissolving CBD in an oil, you can turn it into CBD oil. In principle, you can use any type of oil for this, as long as it is safe to ingest. Most people prefer hemp seed oil, olive oil or coconut oil for taste. You can also use grape seed oil, salmon oil or sunflower oil.

To safely and correctly extract the CBD from the cannabis plant, a supercritical CO2 extraction technique is used. The CO2 is used under high pressure and at a precisely determined temperature to extract the CBD from the plant. This requires special equipment that most people do not have in their kitchen cabinets. It is therefore much easier (and safer) to buy pure CBD and then make CBD oil from it. You can use two forms of CBD for this: CBD crystals (isolate) and CBD paste.

Making CBD oil with isolate

Is it important to you that the CBD oil contains no THC at all (i.e. 0,00%)? For example because you have a profession where you are not allowed to have THC in your blood? Then you can make your own CBD oil safely with CBD isolate. CBD isolate comes in the form of crystals and is obtained by carrying out an additional filtering process after CO2 extraction. This filters out all plant material and THC, leaving only the pure CBD.

Making CBD oil based on CBD paste

Do you want to take full advantage of the entourage effect? And is it not a problem for you if the cannabis oil contains a small percentage (less than the legally permitted percentage) of THC? Then you can do the best full spectrum CBD paste use to make your CBD oil. The entourage effect ensures that the individual components of the cannabis plant reinforce each other's effect, so that you take maximum advantage of every drop of CBD oil you take. CBD paste is the extract that remains after the above-mentioned supercritical CO2 extraction and consists of approximately fifty percent CBD. In addition, CBD paste is rich in cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDA and terpenes, phenols and pigments. 

How much CBD and how much oil should I use?

The two components of CBD oil are therefore CBD (isolate or paste) and a carrier oil. In what ratio should you mix it? That depends on the percentage of CBD you ultimately want to get in your oil. Do you want a light CBD oil? Then stick to 5% CBD. With an average strong CBD oil, the percentage is about 10% and a powerful CBD oil can contain up to about 25% CBD. Everything in between is of course also possible, because you make the oil yourself! Also keep in mind that CBD isolate practically contains 100% CBD and pasta contains 50% CBD. How much CBD do you have to mix with how much oil to get 10 ml of a certain percentage of CBD oil? We have already calculated this for you:

10 ml CBD oil CBD Oil
5% full spectrum 1 ml CBD paste 9 ml of oil
5% pure isolate 500mg CBD isolate 9,5 ml of oil
10% full spectrum 2 ml CBD paste 8 ml of oil
10% pure isolate 1000mg CBD isolate 9 ml of oil
20% full spectrum 4 ml CBD paste 6 ml of oil
20% pure isolate 2000mg CBD isolate 8 ml of oil
25% full spectrum 5 ml CBD paste 5 ml of oil
25% pure isolate 2500mg CBD isolate 7,5 ml of oil

Making CBD oil in 5 steps

  1. Determine the number of ml and what percentage of CBD oil you want to make and put the amount of oil in a glass bowl. 
  2. To ensure that the CBD dissolves properly in the oil, we recommend heating the oil in a bain-marie. Ideally, you heat the oil to a temperature between 78° and 80° C. 
  3. Is the oil up to temperature? Then add the CBD.
  4. Leave the oil at this temperature for 15 minutes, stirring frequently. 
  5. Then let the oil cool down and voilà: your own CBD oil is ready!

Do you have questions about making your own CBD oil or do you want to know more about CBD? Then don't hesitate for a moment contact record. Our experienced CBD specialists are happy to help you.

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