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Taking CBD can be done in different ways. Discover here the best four ways to use CBD and which intake form suits you best.

Four ways to take CBD

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Do you want to start taking CBD? Or have you been using CBD for a while and would you like to try a different method of administration? Then this article is for you. Below we have listed the four best ways to take CBD, together with the benefits and points of attention per intake form. Read on quickly and discover which way of using CBD oil suits you best.

Taking CBD oil in short

  • Taking CBD is best done in these four ways: orally, sublingually (under the tongue), transdermally (via a patch on the skin) and with skin care. 
  • With the exception of CBD skin care, the CBD is absorbed throughout the body with every form of administration. 
  • Each way of taking has its own advantages, so in our opinion there is no such thing as the best way. Which way suits you best therefore depends on your personal preferences.

1. Taking CBD orally

Using CBD orally means that you take it by mouth and then swallow it. Just like food or nutritional supplements. This is a very simple way of taking CBD and therefore ideal for people who are just starting out or more experienced users who value convenience. Keep in mind that, depending on your digestive system, it takes about an hour for the CBD to enter your bloodstream and start working, and that a fairly large portion of the CBD can remain in the digestive system.

Do you want to use CBD orally? Then be CBD capsules of easurable and cannabidiol gummies perfect for this. Because every capsule or gummy contains the same amount of CBD, you can also dose very precisely. It is also possible to to make your own edibles using CBD paste or crystals.

Benefits of taking CBD orally

  • Very easy way to take.
  • You can dose very accurately.
  • It doesn't leave a bad taste in the mouth and good edibles are a real treat!

Points for attention with this form of intake

  • It takes about an hour for the CBD to enter your blood.
  • Compared to other forms of ingestion, the bioavailability is quite low, which means that the CBD is not absorbed in its entirety. 
  • Not the cheapest way to take CBD.

2. Taking sublingual CBD

Sublingual CBD intake initially resembles taking CBD by mouth, but there is an important difference. With this method, the CBD is absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue. For this you drop CBD oil or water soluble CBD under the tongue, then leave it on for a minute. The CBD then enters the bloodstream directly through the blood vessels under your tongue. This ensures a higher bioavailability, but is a bit more hassle than if you swallow directly.

Advantages of sublingual intake

  • Ensures rapid absorption into the blood and high bioavailability.
  • An economical way of using CBD.
  • You have a wide choice of different types CBD oil.

Points of attention Taking CBD oil under the tongue

  • Not everyone likes the taste of CBD oil.
  • Not the easiest way to take CBD.

3. Transdermal CBD

Transdermal means 'through the skin'. You can take CBD transdermally with CBD patches. These patches contain a certain dose of CBD, which is absorbed very gradually into your bloodstream. The advantage of this method of intake is the high bioavailability: the CBD enters the blood directly from the patch and is not partially broken down by digestion. In addition, you only have to stick the patch on once a day, so you don't have to think about it. 

Benefits of using transdermal CBD

  • The CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, which ensures a high bioavailability of no less than 80 to 95%. 
  • You only need to apply a patch once a day. 
  • Gradual release of CBD.

Points of attention with CBD patches

  • The plasters are not waterproof, so you cannot shower or swim with them.
  • Make sure that you stick the patch on clean skin without too much hair. 
  • CBD patches can leave adhesive residue on the skin.

4. CBD skin care

CBD skin care products are topicals, ointments, lotions and creams where CBD has been added to. This provides a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, CBD skin products, like many other skin products, are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other substances that your skin needs, so that your skin hydrates and can recover. CBD creams are particularly suitable for local pain and to care for the skin, because the CBD is absorbed locally and only a small part enters the bloodstream.

Benefits CBD creams and ointments

  • CBD creams can provide relief for various skin problems.
  • Organic products that optimally care for and relax your skin. 
  • Can also be used to relieve pain locally.

Points to note when using skin care with CBD

  • CBD cream is not well absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • This way of taking CBD is therefore less suitable for physical and mental complaints.

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