Full spectrum CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD oil is the most powerful formula on the market. Thanks to the full spectrum, you as a user benefit optimally from the synergistic effect of the substances from the cannabis plant. You can buy this type of CBD oil at Dutch Vitals with varying percentages and amounts of CBD. However, one thing is always guaranteed: number one quality. Discover all our full spectrum oils here and order before 17:00 PM to have your CBD shipped today.


Result 1-21 is shown of the 23 results

Result 1-21 is shown of the 23 results

What exactly is full spectrum CBD oil?

Full spectrum CBD oil is one CBD oil which, in addition to cannabidiol (CBD), also contains all other active substances from the cannabis plant. Think about CBC (Celsion Battery Case), CBN, CBG, THC (less than 0,05%), terpenes, flavonoids and phenols. Full spectrum oil is therefore rich in the entire spectrum of active substances, hence the name full spectrum. Full spectrum CBD is produced by extracting these substances from the harvested cannabis plant using a cold CO2 extraction method. The result of this extraction is a pure one CBD paste. By then diluting it with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or olive oil, a full spectrum CBD oil is created: purely natural and full of powerful components. 

The benefits of CBD full spectrum

The advantage of full spectrum CBD is that, in addition to CBD, it also contains a large number of other components of the cannabis plant that act on our endocannabinoid system. In fact, precisely because these substances are taken together at the same time, they reinforce each other's effect: the total effect of these substances together is greater than the sum of each substance separately. We call this the entourage effect. As a result, you as a user benefit maximally from all natural ingredients in the oil and you achieve optimal health benefits. 

Full spectrum oil with different percentages of CBD

With us you have a wide choice of CBD oils with different percentages of CBD. Which percentage is most suitable for you? In our view, this mainly depends on how well you know your own optimal dosage. Are you just getting started with CBD? Then choose a lighter CBD oil with 2,5%, 5% or 7,5% CBD. You can dose this very precisely. Five drops of one oil with 5% CBD after all, contain as much CBD as a single drop 25% CBD. Do you now know how your body reacts and do you notice that with a low percentage you always need several drops at a time? Then we would take a more concentrated CBD oil. This is a bit more practical when taking it and the price-CBD ratio is a bit lower with a stronger oil.

You can buy number one quality full spectrum CBD online at Dutch Vitals

Dutch Vitals is the online address for number one quality CBD products. In addition to full spectrum CBD oil, you will of course also find it with us broad spectrum CBD oil en pure CBD crystals. These types of CBD do not contain any THC at all, making them ideal if it is important to you not to ingest THC. Would you like to know more about our webshop, our products or do you have a question about the use of CBD? Then please contact us customer service. We are happy to answer all your questions.