Broad spectrum CBD oil

Broad spectrum CBD oil offers the best of both worlds. Thanks to the unique composition of this type of oil, you can enjoy the benefits of the entourage effect with an oil that is completely free of THC. Discover our number one quality broad spectrum CBD from top brands such as Dutch Hemp and Wedihemp here. Do you order before 17:00 PM? Then your order will be shipped the same day.


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Shows all 12 results

What exactly is broad spectrum CBD oil?

As with every CBD oil is the primary active ingredient in the oil cannabidiol, or CBD for short. CBD is a so-called cannabinoid, a substance that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant and is not psychoactive. To process the CBD from the plant into an oil, it must first be extracted from the cannabis plant. This is done via a cold CO2 extraction method, in which CBD and the other cannabinoids are extracted from the plant by means of supercritical CO2, after which a cannabis paste remains. By then mixing this paste with a carrier oil such as olive oil or hemp seed oil, it is created full spectrum CBD oil: an oil with the whole spectrum of cannabinoids (also CBC, CBN, CBG and a small percentage of THC), terpenes, flavonoids and phenols.

What distinguishes broad spectrum oil from full spectrum oil is that an extra step is carried out in production after the CO2 extraction. During this step, the THC is filtered out of the paste, leaving a substance without THC, but with all other active substances.

Discover the benefits of CBD broad spectrum

For people who cannot have THC in their blood at all due to work, travel or hypersensitivity, a broad spectrum oil offers the ideal solution. Because although the oil does not contain THC, it is rich in all other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. The big advantage of this is that the effect of the CBD gets a big boost. This is due to the entourage effect, which means that substances from the cannabis plant reinforce each other's effect. As a result, you are assured of CBD that is maximally effective, without running any risk with THC.

Alternatives to broad spectrum CBD oil

In addition to broad spectrum CBD, there are two others types of CBD: full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. As mentioned, full spectrum CBD oil is the most complete product, which also contains a small percentage of THC (less than 0,05%). Because you can take maximum advantage of the entourage effect with this oil, we recommend this if a very small amount of THC is no problem for you. CBD isolate is CBD that is approximately 99,6% pure and does not contain any active substance. It comes in the form of crystals, which you can mix yourself with oil, drinks or other foods.

You can buy number one quality broad spectrum CBD online at Dutch Vitals

Dutch Vitals is the online store for number one quality CBD supplements such as broad spectrum CBD oil. Because we only work with brands that are known for their quality, safety and sustainable production, you are guaranteed a safe and reliable product. Would you like to know more about our products or do you have a question about the use of CBD? do not hesitate to to contact. We are happy to answer all your questions.