CBD oil 10 percent

Are you looking for a medium strength CBD oil? Then CBD oil 10% is ideal. These products contain exactly 10% of the active ingredient cannabidiol, which is a good percentage for both novice and more experienced cannabis oil enthusiasts. You will find number one quality CBD oil for the best price at Dutch Vitals. Discover our range of full spectrum and broad spectrum 10% CBD oil from top brands such as Dutch Hemp and Wedihemp here and order before 17:00 to have your products shipped for free today.


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Shows all 8 results

10% CBD oil: a medium-strength oil

The percentage of 10% CBD ensures that this olie medium strength. This has the advantage that you need to take less of it than with a mild one 5% CBD oil, but can dose more precisely than with, for example, a 25% CBD oil. This makes it really everyone's friend and suitable for anyone with mild to severe complaints.

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant: a cannabinoid. What is special about cannabinoids is that they act on the endocannabinoid system in our body. This system plays a key role in many bodily functions, from mood to appetite and sleep. By taking CBD you therefore support this system, which explains why many people indicate that CBD oil makes them calm and relaxed.

CBD 10%: full spectrum or broad spectrum?

All our CBD oils with 10% CBD are produced using the cold CO2 extraction method. This ensures a pure product that meets the highest requirements. You can choose from broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD. The difference between the two lies in the THC content that the oil contains. Full spectrum CBD contains all cannabinoids, including a small (less than legally permitted) percentage of THC. As a result, you as a user benefit optimally from the entourage effect. Broad spectrum CBD also contains all substances from the cannabis plant, with the exception of THC. Here too, you benefit from the entourage effect (slightly less strong than with full spectrum), but you do not ingest any THC at all. 

Take and dose CBD 10% oil

Taking CBD oil is very simple: with the dropper you drop a few drops under the tongue and leave it there for a minute before swallowing. The CBD is then absorbed directly through your mucous membranes. You can also first measure the drops on a spoon. The ideal dose of CBD differs per person, but to start with we recommend about 15 to 20 mg of CBD per day, which equates to 4 to 5 drops per day of a 10% CBD oil. People with a higher body weight or more serious complaints may benefit from a higher dose. So does the desired effect fail to materialise? Then slowly increase the number of drops per day.

You can buy number one quality CBD oil 10% online at Dutch Vitals

Dutch Vitals is the webshop for reliable CBD products from premium brands such as Dutch Hemp and Wedihemp. These brands have been known for years for their good quality and an eye for safety and nature. In addition to CBD oil 10%, you will also find a wide range of, among other things, with us band aids, crystals en CBD for animals. With everything you order from us, you benefit from free shipping from €25 (NL) and €50 (EU). Want to know more about our webshop or about CBD? Then take a look at our customer service.