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CBD oil for rheumatism: everything you need to know

Many of our customers use CBD to live better with rheumatism. In this article you will discover why and how CBD helps with rheumatism.
Many of our customers use our CBD products to live better with rheumatism. They indicate, among other things, that CBD helps them with their pain complaints and that they also benefit mentally from using our products. Do you also suffer from rheumatism or do you know someone who has rheumatism? And are you curious about the effects of CBD oil on rheumatism and what you should take into account? Then read on, because in this article you will discover everything about the use of CBD for rheumatism.

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What exactly is rheumatism?

Rheumatism is a collective name for a large number of conditions to joints, muscles and tendons. In the Netherlands, more than 2 million people suffer from rheumatism. The most common forms of rheumatism are inflammatory rheumatism, osteoarthritis and soft tissue rheumatism. These conditions are caused by a dysregulated immune system, causing chronic inflammation. These inflammations lead to various complaints, of which pain and stiffness in joints and muscles are the most common. This causes annoying limitations, such as being less mobile, being in constant pain and becoming tired or lethargic.

There is currently no medicine to cure rheumatism. Doctors can prescribe medications to relieve pain and remove inflammation. In this way, complaints can be reduced, allowing you as a patient to deal better with your condition. Unfortunately, not all medications are equally effective for everyone, which is why many people with rheumatism look for alternative and additional remedies. 

How does CBD oil help with rheumatism?

A commonly used remedy for rheumatism is CBD. It is also an obvious option, because CBD is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, it can combat mental complaints such as stress and fatigue. We are often asked how it is possible that one remedy helps with a wide range of complaints. The answer is actually very simple: that is thanks to the effect of CBD on the endocannabinoid system. This is a body's own system that was discovered not long ago and plays an important role in many body processes, such as the immune system, digestion, memory, mood and pain perception. How exactly CBD supports this system remains to be further investigated, but anecdotal evidence and our own experiences show that CBD can really work wonders in many cases.

It is important to realize that CBD is not a cure for rheumatism, and that it will not lead to spectacular reductions in complaints for everyone. We do know many stories of rheumatism patients who experienced (much) less pain, stiffness and mood problems after they started taking CBD. In this way, CBD makes life with rheumatism a bit more bearable in many cases.

How do I use CBD if I suffer from rheumatism?

Using CBD to reduce rheumatic complaints can be done in three ways. You can take CBD oil or another CBD product by mouth, you can use CBD patches or you can apply CBD topically to the painful joints and muscles. What is best for you?

CBD oil, edibles or capsules

The most common way to use CBD is by taking it by mouth. Everyone knows CBD oil, but also think about it edibles with CBD of CBD capsules. The advantage of CBD oil is that it is absorbed very quickly, but not everyone is a fan of the taste and some people find dripping a bit inconvenient. In those cases, eating edibles or swallowing a capsule with some water is a simple and pleasant way to take it. When taken orally, keep in mind that the CBD works for about five to six hours. So maintain three to four intake moments per day, depending on your complaints.

CBD patches for rheumatism

Many people with rheumatism suffer from pain and stiffness throughout the day. That is why it is nice to use a product for rheumatism that gradually releases CBD throughout the day, so that you have a constant amount of CBD in your bloodstream. That's possible CBD patches. You simply stick this to your skin – just like a nicotine or morphine patch, for example. The patches then release their CBD very gradually over 24 hours. This way you only have to stick a patch on once a day. Another advantage of patches with CBD is that they have a high bioavailability: through absorption through the skin, a larger part of the CBD ends up in your blood than is the case with oral ingestion.

Apply CBD to painful joints and muscles

Applying CBD to the skin is also an effective way to relieve pain, especially when you use it in combination with patches and/or oral intake of CBD. Popular products for this are CBD paste en massage oil with CBD. You can also make your own massage oil using CBD paste. The advantage of this way of using CBD is that you can rub joints and muscles in a very targeted manner. After application, the CBD penetrates through the capillaries in the skin to the muscles and joints, creating pleasant relief.

What to look for when purchasing CBD for rheumatism?

CBD is legal and in almost all cases 100% safe to use, but again: keep in mind that CBD is not a medicine for rheumatism and should only be used in addition to the medications and supplements prescribed by your doctor. Are you taking medications? If in doubt, always ask your doctor whether you can use it together with CBD. Then start with a low dose of CBD per day (maintain approximately 20 mg CBD per day in the beginning) and increase it slowly, depending on your complaints and how your body responds.

When purchasing CBD for rheumatism, always make sure that you choose good-quality CBD products from reliable brands such as Wedihemp and Dutch Hemp. This way you can be sure that the CBD you buy contains the right amount of CBD and other cannabinoids (especially not too much THC).

Picture of Written by Roy
Written by Roy

Roy is a Zeeland philosopher and expert in the field of lifestyle and health. He also has a passion for language and communication. As our resident blogger, he combines his passions and expertise to share valuable insights with us about CBD, health and how you can use CBD and other cannabis products to get the best out of yourself.

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Picture of Roy | Dutch Vitals
Roy | Dutch Vitals

Roy is a Zeeland philosopher and expert in the field of lifestyle and health. He also has a passion for language and communication. As our resident blogger, he combines his passions and expertise to share valuable insights with us about CBD, health and how you can use CBD and other cannabis products to get the best out of yourself.

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