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Can CBD oil be taken on a plane? Read the article at Dutch Vitals

Can CBD oil be taken on the plane?

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We regularly receive questions about taking CBD on holiday. In particular, many people want to know whether they can board the plane with CBD oil. That is why we have decided to publish a special article about this. The short answer is yes in most cases, if you are traveling to a country in the EU or to the US. Our CBD products are completely legal in most countries in Europe and most states in the US. Still, it is smart to always check the rules regarding CBD at customs, embassy or your airline. Are you traveling outside from EU or the US? Always contact the customs or embassy before departure.

CBD oil on holiday abroad

It is important to know that CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, and therefore in many cases (with full spectrum CBD; broad spectrum CBD does not contain THC) also contains a small amount of THC. CBD is completely legal in many countries, but strict rules apply to THC. In the Netherlands, THC is on the opium list, and a product may contain a maximum of 0,05% THC. Therefore contain all CBD oils, CBD capsules and our other products always less than 0,05% THC. This is an advantage for those traveling through the EU or the US, because more is often allowed here. Most countries in Europe use 0,2% THC as a maximum and the US even 0,3%. 

However, wherever you travel to: we always recommend that you check with your airline, customs or embassy to be sure what the current rules are. The rules can change. Three things are always important to know if you can take your CBD on the plane:

  • Where you take off
  • Where you're flying to (and where any stops will take place)
  • The percentage of THC in the product

Bringing CBD oil to countries in Europe

In Europe it is in most cases allowed to fly with CBD oil. You can take CBD on the plane to Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, England, Greece and Austria, among others. In other countries, it may be necessary to show a medical certificate if you want to take CBD on the plane. So be well informed before you leave.

CBD oil on the plane to the US

Are you traveling to the US? Then you can take your CBD oil or another product with you safely and legally in most cases, as long as the percentage of THC does not exceed 0,3%. So at the federal (country) level in the US it is allowed to have and use CBD and most states have adopted this legislation. Because state laws in the US sometimes conflict with federal laws, we still recommend checking to be sure whether you can take your CBD product with you to your destination.

Is CBD allowed outside Europe and the US?

The rules in the rest of the world vary widely. You can take your CBD with you on your flight to Canada and most countries in Latin America without any problems. In Africa, Australia and Asia, taking CBD with you is in most cases not allowed and you can even be punished if you break the rules. In some African and Asian countries, all products derived from the hemp plant are banned, while other countries require that the product does not contain any THC at all.

Tip: take CBD oil with you in your hold luggage

It is allowed to take CBD with you in your hand luggage, provided that your product is allowed in the country of destination and the packaging does not violate the rules regarding the maximum volume of liquid. Nevertheless, if you do not use the CBD for fear of flying, we recommend that you take the CBD with you in your hold luggage. This is to avoid hassle at customs. A weed leaf on the packaging acts on a customs officer like a red rag on a bull. To avoid having to answer all kinds of questions, it is therefore better to take the CBD with you in the hold.

Buying CBD at your holiday destination

Are you traveling within Europe and do you find it too exciting to take CBD oil with you on the plane? A good alternative to taking CBD with you is to order CBD products on the spot and have them delivered to your holiday address. This is simply possible via Dutch Vitals, because we deliver throughout almost all of Europe. Knowing more? View the here delivery times and shipping costs for all countries where we can deliver.

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